Sunday, June 5, 2011

Designer Crafts - Patriotic

~ Uncle Sam Decoration ~

Happy July 4th!!
I made this Uncle Sam decoration from
a wood shim and some other small wood pieces.

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I used a wood shim for the body of the ornament;
I trimmed the rounded ends off a craft stick
for Uncle Sam's hat brim;
I used two wooden star cutouts,
a 1" angel wing cutout for the mustache,
and a 1/4" button plug for his nose.

DecoArt(R) Americana(R) paints in:
Country Red, Uniform Blue, Warm White
and Flesh Tone.
DecoArt(TM) Glistening Snow-Tex(TM)
for the beard.

Paint the shim, both stars, and the wings Warm White.
Paint hat brim and a wide band Uniform Blue.
Paint Country Red stripes on the hat.
The face and nose are Flesh Tone.

Apply Snow-Tex(TM) with a palette knife.
Use craft glue to attach wings (mustache),
and nose to Uncle Sam's face.
Eyes are dip dots of Black.

Use a hand drill to make small holes
in the hat, thread wire through
and twist ends to secure.

Or, skip the drilling and glue a heavy-duty
magnet to the back for a groovy
decoration for your fridge or filing cabinet.

Or move the design up,
leaving less hat and more beard,
and poke Uncle Sam into
a potted plant for Patriotic Pizzazz!!

Peace Out


Anonymous said...

The beard on Uncle Sam looks fantastic. What a great idea to give it some extra dimension. This is a great accent to any patriotic home.

Wishing You Creativity,
Suzann Sladcik Wilson

Jen Goode said...

How fun is this? This is an adorable project, great to try with the kiddos too... thank you so much for sharing!

Melony Bradley said...

pure simple genius Megan. Thanks for the process shots too- did you use a paint stick for this cute fella?

megpiedesign said...

Thank you for all your comments! Mel, it's a shim. It's just as easy to use a paint stick, but my crafty girlfriend gave me a bundle of shims and I am quickly finding uses for them!

Debra said...

This is just too cute, such a whimsical character!

Einat Kessler said...

This is a great fun idea!! Love it!

Candice Windham said...

Terrific, Megan! Thanks for the additional use suggestions. I love projects that can adapt to several different things.

Michelle Cummings said...

this is just too cute! I love it!