Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Help!!! Suggestions Wanted ...

I welcome your suggestions and input!
I am fortunate enough to be building a new studio ...
and I am wondering -
what is the best wall color for a studio?
The articles I've read online suggest white.
I am a painter, but I don't paint
portraits or landscapes,
where appropriate lighting would be crucial.
I will have plenty of natural and
artificial light ...
I'm not afraid of color - I know we're using a 
dark stain on the wood trim.
My old studio was painted my favorite (at the time)
shade of green - and I loved it!!
But it's less than inspiring to me now.
Either because I'm no longer inspired by the green,
or because my studio is such a
disorganized mess right now I'm discouraged.
If you've painted a studio with
something that has worked for you,
or if you just have suggestions or comments,
I would love some input.
I'm up to my eyeballs in paint chips.
Thank you!

Peace Out

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