Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

My mid-year New-Year's Resolution(s):
* Post More Frequently
* Be Creative More Often
* Organize, Organize, Organize!!!
and, most importantly,

I tend to go through what I like to call
Organizing Blitzes -
where I thoroughly organize a particular
area, such as my pantry or a
closet: then I almost immediately
spoil it by stacking more crap
in it until it's an unrecognizable mess.

I use the three rules of organization


Actually, I don't even know the three
rules of organization, I just made that up.
I either want to store (read: organize)
the crap, donate the crap to someone who
can use it, or trash the crap.

Right now I'm mentally organizing my
new studio.  Basically,
since I have significant random memory loss
and have absolutely no clue what I 
have in my two studios at any moment in time,
I'm just vowing to myself to
really, truly, and absolutely,
ORGANIZE my crap when I get it in there,
DONATE the crap that no longer inspires me,
and THROW AWAY the crap that is,
well, just ... CRAP.

The road in this pic leads to ...

My New Beginning.

My New (and final) Studio.

My Creative Cocoon.

My Paradise.

My Happy Place.

My Reason for Living.

(just kidding about that one)

Here it is:

That was THEN.

And, this is NOW:

Same road, different month.

It's almost time!!

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