Thursday, August 4, 2011

Around the Bend ... ... ...

... as you break through the tree canopy:

and may I just say, WOO HOO!!!

So, we've built a barn in the middle of nowhere,
to store Doc's collection of vehicles
and tools and stuff, and
to house my Neatly Organized Art Studio.

Which will always be Neatly Organized.
I'm convinced if I keep saying that over and over
and capitalize the letters, it will
magically come true.

We all need a dream, right??

This is the build-out inside the barn ... prior to roofing.

And this is the build-out inside the barn,
after roofing and insulation installation.

And there is a funny story behind this rubber snake.
Yes, it's a rubber snake -
permanently stapled onto the window frame
of my laundry room.

Apparently, one of my kids, who shall remain
nameless, mostly because I can't be certain
exactly which one of my kids did this,
took a rubber snake out to the barn one evening.

And positioned it onto the second story
with just its head hanging over the edge.

You can imagine what the first guy
on the scene the next morning thought.

Well, at least "I" can imagine what the first guy
on the scene the next morning thought,
because I thought it the next evening when
positioned it on the top step and then led
me over to the stairwell.

Jimminy Yee Haw!!!
Is what I yelled, clutching my chest
to hold my heart inside of it.
Or something like that.

Needless to say, after a few days
of mutual snake-positioning by both the
day time workers and he-who-shall-remain nameless,

we showed up one evening to find the
rubber snake ruthlessly and permanently stapled
to the window of my laundry room.

Moving on to more exciting pics,
THIS is soon to be my Neatly Organized Art Studio!!!
After insulation installation, and prior to sheet rock.

I. Am. So. Happy.  (sniff)

... Peace Out ...

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