Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happiness Is ...

Happiness is ... ... ...
hiring a new plumber to get 'er done!!!

Hooking up the dishwasher
and cementing the sink and fixtures in my
barn kitchen ...

... and in my new studio ...

and today, he should have the barn bathroom
completely finished.  I hope.

Thank You, Norm the Plumber!!!
YoU ToTaLLy RoCk!!!
Happiness is also ...

... replacing the brand new ceiling fan
that didn't work.  Really, someone literally
blowing on me was more refreshing.

And finally, Happiness is...
... my sweet husband, who surprised me by
having a patio poured outside
my art studio!!!

What a great surprise!!

I can't wait to pick out some fun
and comfortable patio furniture!!!

Peace Out

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