Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kitty Blu

I thought I'd share a picture of Kitty Blu ...

This pretty kitty has been with us for eight days.

Early last Saturday, the power went out
in our neighborhood.
I was supposed to be cooking for a church dinner
that night, so I'll admit I was a little
... nervous ... 
when the lights flickered off and the
ceiling fans grew silent.

Doc came in from the garage and said,
Let's go get some breakfast!

So we drove to a place we've never tried before
and heard this pathetic yelping coming
from the ditch of tall grass.
Upon closer inspection,
a tiny white kitten, starving and mangled,
was making the racket.

Well, against my better judgement,
we left her there.

Thirty people came and went while
we ate breakfast ... and that kitty was the
topic of conversation at our table.

I told Doc, 
if she's still there after we've eaten,
then she needs us.
If she's gone, then that's okay.

heh heh

Yep!  She was there, and she came right
up to me.  She sniffed at the
bacon we offered her,
but she wanted to be held.

Then she wanted to eat a little,
and be held again.

She was just so ... needy!!
My momma-instincts took over, I suppose.

Once we were home again,
the power was on, but Kitty needed a bath.

She actually purred like a little
motorboat while we bathed her and 
removed three ticks and oh, say,
three thousand fleas.

Her tail was ... broken.
Not bobbed, because the end piece
was actually still attached.
Not sure for how long ... time will tell.

This is Kitty Blu.
We LOVE her!
Oh, and I was able to get all my
dishes prepared for the
church dinner that night.  Yummy
homemade macaroni & cheese
and a strawberry pretzel salad for dessert.

peace out


Pam Staples said...

Kitty Blu is soooo CUTE! I love hearing wonderful rescue stories and that is just so sweet that she is so attached to you already.

megpiedesign said...

Thanks, Pam! Of course, she is the cleverest and most beautiful kitty ever. I love that her tiny body has a little round belly now and she's so happy and playful.