Thursday, September 1, 2011

Barn Bathroom - Take 5


Well, let me clarify that:
Yay, I am super excited that this is
what I saw last night:

... not to be mistaken for,
YAY!!! Here it is, completely finished!!!

I'm a fan of hard wood floors and area rugs.
Lots of dust allergies in this house,
it just makes sense.

If I see the dust bunnies with my naked eyes,
I immediately attack them until they're gone.

If the dust bunnies are camouflaged
in the pile carpeting,
they might as well add on because they'll
be there indefinitely.

Doc talked me out of hardwood floors in the barn ...
who needs wood floors in a barn??

But, we were going to have the concrete
polished, and still use the area rugs.

That WAS the plan.
Until the bathroom got torn up
and dug out and all pick-axed.
Now, we're putting in flooring.

So ... until I can show you a completed pic
of my barn bathroom,
please enjoy a(nother) pic (or two) of Kitty Blu:

"But MOM!!!  We CAN'T hang our backpacks
on the hooks!  WHERE would Kitty Blu SIT?!?!!"

Who can argue with that?

Peace Out

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