Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Barn Flooring

I am thinking ahead to all the projects
I have promised to make ...

... not to mention I'm just
anxious and ready to start painting again.

I was fascinated with butterflies as a kid ...
I drew hundreds of pictures of them
and even wrote stories and poems about them.

When I saw this butterfly outside the barn,
I told myself it could be a sign ...
Whether it was a good sign 
or a bad sign, I had no idea.

This is a view through the glass in my door.
I'll admit, I was pretty excited at this point!!

The closet had these three rows of tiles placed ...

... the bathroom had three rows of tiles placed.

Guess what?
I'm happy!!!

Now for Pete's sake,
don't stop, Mr. Floor Guy!!

Ya left your radio and your soda ...
so come back tomorrow
and finish this up!!!

I'm going to go make some lists
about what to pack
and what to move first!

And some lists about what to throw away,
and what to donate, and what to keep,
and how I'll organize stuff ...

... and I'll need a list of all the areas that
will need to be decorated so I can
go shopping ...

Gosh!  I need to go make a list
of all the lists I need to make!
I'd better get started!!


 Peace and Tile, Baby!!!

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