Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Barn Stairs

Remember I told you I wasn't going to
carpet these stairs?
Well, I didn't.  Carpet them, that is.
I did, however, paint them.

If you'll notice,
the backs of each stair were stamped
with black ink from the lumber yard.

After using the shop vac to clean up
all the dust and nails and metal shavings
and other crap, I used a
microfiber towel to wipe down each
stair back and stair step.

A coat of semi-gloss black paint ...
I cut in the edges with a brush and my
kiddo filled in the rest with
a paint edger (quite handy).
The kiddo AND the edger, I mean.
Anyway, this covered the ink.

 I considered one of my usual techniques
of sanding the edges of the painted
surface heavily before applying the stain,
but since the stair backs were made
with particle board, I wouldn't have gotten
the nice effect a better grade of wood
would have given me.
Wood would.

So, I just stained the stair tops.
Pre-stain ...

... post-stain ...
... and that's a wrap.

Peace Out

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