Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Things

Here are just a few of the things
that made me happy this week: 

Author's Note:
My happiness is not limited to nor
is it completely defined by this post.

There.  Having clarified that,
let's begin.

"Clean Up Crew" - turned out to be
me and Doc ...
I'm fairly certain a clean-up crew other than
me and Doc showed up,
but only because I couldn't account
for the missing sawdust inside
each drawer and cabinet.

Otherwise, the build-out was
a complete white-hot mess and here's
what Doc did about it:

He mopped!

He mopped up the cement dust and washed
away the chalk lines and 

just look at the technique!

I don't care one whit about technique;
I'm just so dang excited that I had help
getting this place cleaned up!

I think if more men knew just
how incredibly attractive they are
holding a mop,

more men would mop
on a regular basis.

I'd bet on it.

Just. So. Dang. Happy!!!

I wanted really old-looking rustic hardware
for my cabinets.

We found these - lots of these! - in
 an old rusty cook pot
on the bottom shelf of a bookcase
that had seen better days
in the deep dark spider-web covered
corner of a fall-apart flea market.


Seriously, there were
exactly enough for the cabinet doors
in my studio and the
barn kitchen.

Wait til you see the cup pulls
I've found for the drawers!

They're new, but they look really
old and I can't wait to get my hands and my
paintbrush on them.

Doc hung two mirrors for me -
which makes me very happy -
but I'm not sure about this mirror
in the bathroom.

First of all, since he's 6'2" tall,
he wanted to hang the mirror very high.
I'm only 5'3" but if I stand
on a stool I can see myself in the
bathroom mirror.

just kidding

The curtains have a bird print on them,
and I'm planning to make some
great curtain tie-backs with nests and
fun decorative birds,
so I'm thinking I'd like to go with
a vanity mirror that fits
my whole "bird" theme -

like branches and birds on
the mirror frame.

We'll see.
And, some random pics 
of a few other happy-moments 
this week:

The super-cool, awesome, and unexpected
ceiling detail in the barn ...
(like, like, LIKE!!!)

The boys reading a passage
after Religious Education this Wednesday.

Friday night when Amelia's fever
finally broke (it'd been 106 - yikes!)
Please note:
we ran out of Kool Strips,

so she devised her own cool pack
to keep her fever down.

I don't want to squash her
creativity or anything,
but I'm investing in more Kool Strips.

And, of course, Kitty Blu.

She's discovered climbing this week.
Her favorite resting spot
at the moment is on a bar stool.
She's also been known to chillax
on the back of the sofa,
the flower arrangement on the
kitchen table,
and I've found suspicious tiny
white cat hairs on my
freshly washed and folded
blanket on the laundry room cabinet.
I think it's time to invest
in some sort of kitty climbing apparatus,
because I canNOT have Kitty Blu
on my cabinets or my clean laundry.

Even if she IS the cutest kitten
in the whole entire universe.
peace out

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