Friday, September 23, 2011


Sometimes I delegate.

Not often, but sometimes.
Roughly ... twice in the past fifteen years.

Today, I purchased a tier-type carpet-covered
DIY climbing apparatus for Kitty Blu.

I thought to myself,
"self ...
you could put this together
while the kids are in school
and it can be a big surprise when they
get home and see it"

Then I thought, ya know what?
My kid is thirteen years old
and if I can do it, then HE can do it,
and he would derive much more satisfaction
from putting this together for Kitty
than I would.

So ... he opens the box,
we check to make sure there are 
instructions and all the parts are there.
Then I leave to run my errand.

I come home to this:

Umm ... why are you staring at the ceiling?

Seriously, what?
What is on the ceiling?
Is it a spider??


Oh, geez!
That is really, really, really tall!!!

I ... I ... I ...
... I had no idea ... I thought it was
maybe four feet tall ...

That's what I get for not reading
the packaging.

At least Kitty seems to like sitting
near the ceiling!!!
 And Brady did a fine job assembling it.
Of course, I knew he would.

And Delegation.

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