Friday, September 30, 2011

The Refrigerator - Part I

I should have taken a better "before" pic -
when it was covered in grime
and grunge and unidentifiable food particles
and drips of stickiness ... ew.
Electric Green Stickiness.
Double ew.

Anyway!  On a cleaner, more sanitary note:

On the day that I happened
to be at the old house and also have my rubber
gloves and my Sparkling Wave scented
Pine-Sol, I, sadly, did not
have my camera.

Moving on ...
and keeping it real.

We hadn't used this refrigerator in three years.
It sat in our garage, at the old house,
holding mayonnaise, multiple jars of mustard,
medicine bottles with the remnants
of long-expired liquids,
sodas, beers, wine coolers,
chocolate pudding cups (ah, hem!)
and ... eleven jars of pickles.
I'm not even joking about that.

Somehow the case of Reeses Peanut Butter
cups didn't last more than week
in that fridge.  I think the very next time
we stopped by the old house to mow,
we ate the entire case of Reeses.

Or maybe we didn't.
I'll never tell.

Guess what color pickles are after three years?

They're still pickle-colored.
But you can tell at a glance, it's not ... right.
It's a funky, funny green that no
normal person would consider eating.
fer sher

So I threw it all out.
And then I removed all the shelves
and bins from the fridge and freezer.

And then I soaked and scrubbed and wiped
and even had to get out a scraper at one point,
and finally - the fridge is spic and span
inside and out.

Yep.  Spic.  And.  Span.

So then we put it on a dolly and
hauled it over to the barn.

I have a vision for this fridge.

You'll never guess.

I'll give you a hint:
It's going to be our new barn refrigerator.
It's going to hold all our beverages -
from waters, to sodas, to Monsters (yes, those are mine)
to V8 juicers (those are not mine)
to juice boxes (also, not mine)
to beer.
(Again.  Not mine.)

And! I'm going to have it painted red.

Barn Red.
With trim on the doors.
White trim.
And I'm buying new handles.
Old-looking, black, barn door handles.

And I can't wait.

Here is a pic of the fridge after I've taped it off:

Amelia is wiping down the sides
with a warm soapy cloth.

I don't know why.
It was already clean.
But I don't want to discourage the girl.

Put some muscle in it!!!

Work that soapy washcloth!!

You missed a spot!!!

Just kidding.

Here, Doc is removing the handles.
I'm not going to tell you how difficult it was
for me to convince him that the 
handles had to go.

I won't tell you how many props I had 
to bring out or how many sketches I had to draw.

I think he finally decided to take off
the handles so I would stop waving my arms
around like we were playing Charades.


... to be continued ...

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