Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hair Cuts

I wish I could post about something
I've just created ... 
or painted ...
or sketched ...
but, I can't do any of that until
my new studio is finished
and I've moved in some of my painting
tables.  Supposedly, by this weekend.
I won't hold my breath.

Doc cuts the boys' hair ...
and his own hair ...
and he usually does it when
Amelia and I are away.
But tonight, we were here.
So I photographed the event.

No smiling boys.

Always a smiling girl, though. 

Is this really such a sober occasion?

No smiling?
Not even a twitch?
Or a smirk??

 Okay ... now Doc cuts his own hair.
Still serious.

Then, he asks for my help.
heh heh

Could I just blend up the back of his neck?
Make sure there are no holes and
no shelf mark.

Shelf mark??

And will I shave his neck so his
newly cut hair isn't marred
by the fluffy furry hairline left behind.

Oookaayyy ...

Have you ever seen a movie
where there's a scene with the girl
cutting the guy's hair?

And it's all romantic and stuff?

You know what I'm talking about??

this wasn't like that.

Not at all.

I may have overdone it ...

I just don't think hair cuts should 
be such a serious occasion!

Next time,
laugh a little!!


Colleen @ MuralMaker&More said...

Ahhh, I remember the days when Hubs used to cut our 3 boys hair - way back before they went to shops, ha!

Dropping by from The Hive. Love your paintings!!! If you'd ever like to do a guest post (tutorial, maybe?) I'd love to have you!

Have a great week!

megpiedesign said...

Thank you, Colleen!
I would love to do a guest tutorial! I'm hoping to be painting again in the VERY near future ...