Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Grand Panache - Sassy Girl

Just a little artsy show-and-tell ...

A sweet friend of mine owns
a cute little shop in town called 
Grand Panache.

It is always filled with the latest
must-have clothing and accessories
and lots of extras, too.
Here's how I painted
Carrie's very stylish 
"Sassy Girl"

First, I sketched the design
and then transferred it to tracing paper
to make a pattern.

I taped the canvas off in order to
create some background.

Filled in all the base colors with acrylic paint
and brushes sized for the space.

(Ranging from a large wash brush for the
background to a tiny liner brush for the details).

Apply shading and highlighting.
Sand edges of canvas.

Then outline details with a permanent
black pen, and add 3-D details ...

like leopard print Duck Tape®
small bling and beads.

Then, forget to take a final pic,
and email Carrie to send you the pic
she took:

Very Sassy!!!

Peace and Panache

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