Sunday, October 2, 2011

Westcott DCC Blog Hop

Welcome to October's
Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Westcott Brand® is challenging members of the Designer Crafts Connection to come up with something spectacular for their First Monday projects 
using Westcott Brand® Cutting Tools!

These Westcott Brand® Cutting Tools are amazing!! 
They easily cut through the stickiest products!

In the past, I have twisted and contorted
myself into all manner of positions
in order to trim, say ... box tape ... into smaller
strips for wrapping packages.

I always ruined pieces because they would
stick to my scissors and when I tried to remove them,
they would stick to each other, or to my
fingers, or to my hair.
(True story).

So when I tell you that these 
Westcott Brand® Cutting Tools are amazing,
I am talking from experience!

I was able to cut The Duck Brand®
sticky Duct Tape® into fringes
quickly and easily!

For this challenge,
I made a pennant banner for my
daughter's bedroom.

Here's how:

Cut pennants from patterned papers.
(Each 12" x 12" sheet gives you two pennants).

Use stencils to spell name onto tracing paper.

Use Westcott Brand® scissors to
cut The Duck Brand® Duct Tape
into pieces of various sizes, and apply them
randomly to the tracing paper,
covering each letter completely.

(Note: cover the right side of the paper.
You'll be able to see the lettering - in reverse -
through the tracing paper when you flip it over).

Cut out each letter using the appropriate
Westcott Brand® Cutting Tool.

Scissors are great for cutting around each letter;
the craft tool is excellent for cutting
the insides of the letters.

Trim double-sided sticky tape and
attach to the backs of the letters.

(I have NEVER BEFORE been able to cut double
sided sticky tape without the tiny pieces
of tape sticking to my scissors!)

Adhere these to a sheet of The Duck Brand® Duct Tape.
(I chose to back my letters with the white tape).

Cut around each letter, leaving a 1/8" border.
(sorry - I must have been so
absorbed in my work I didn't get a pic)

Peel backing off The Duck Brand® Duct Tape
(this was SO cool!)
and adhere one letter to each banner. 

Sand (or ink) edges of paper, if desired.

Punch holes in top corners of each pennant.

Attach pennants together with ribbons
or brads -this allows the pennants some range
of motion once your banner is hung.

Trim VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop Fasteners
into small squares.

Attach one side to back of each "end" pennant,
and one side to the wall, window, or wherever you're
hanging the pennant banner.

Hang and enjoy!!

This was soooo simple!
I canNOT live without these Westcott Brand® 
Cutting Tools!

They. Are. Truly. Amazing.

Please check out the Westcott Brand®
auction link:

Peace ... and Westcott Brand®


Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Wow, what a pretty project. I can't believe the tools don't stick to
tape. I nave to get some of these.
Thanks for posting!
Warm Regards,

Jeff Hardy said...

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