Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snowmen RULE!!!

This next photo has nothing to do with this post:

I'm getting ready for a Fall Craft Market ...
it's been YEARS since my last
craft show, and I'm pretty excited about it!

I absolutely LOVE to paint!
So ... I'm planning to paint all my favorite
Fall and Christmas projects,
and then sell them really cheap!!!
My goal is to enjoy the time I spend painting,
and make enough money to pay for my Starbucks habit.
Ha.  I'm only half kidding.

Here is one of the projects
I've been working on:

These fun snowman pokes are made from wooden rulers!
They are super quick and easy to make,
and I like to make about a dozen or so at a time.

Start with wooden rulers ...
my sister found these online years ago,
and I'm thrilled to put them to good use!!!

These old rulers have a metal edge that
I removed with small pliers.

I thought these might make a fun gift
for a teacher ... poked into a poinsettia plant
or stuck in a goody basket.
So, I painted the backs and left the 
flip side (the actual ruler) unpainted.

I used a paint roller to apply several
smooth coats of white acrylic paint to the rulers.

I trimmed craft sticks to approx. 1 1/2" lengths
and glued them to the top of the rulers
as hat brims.  Then I painted the hats and the
hat brims with black acrylic paint.

Okay ... I used Plaid's Extreme Glitter
in black to paint over the hats and hat brims.

I dotted the eyes with a stylus and black paint.

I used Plaid's sponge stippler to
blush each snowman's cheeks with powder blush.

Now for the noses.
I like Tulip(R) Slick Dimensional Fabric Paint.

Here's another post that
shows you how to make carrot noses:

Now for a coal mouth (dip dots)
add a wooden heart to the hat, and a
red bow to his neck.

Super cute, super easy, and
absolutely adorable tied to a package
or hanging from the tree;
or poked into a plant or sticking up
out of a goody basket!

- Peace and Rulers -


Anonymous said...

So cute!

Debbie Kirk said...

I was thinking I could use paint stir sticks, too.

Meggan Maravich said...

Yes, ma'am! Paint sticks work well, also!! I LOVE painting on paint sticks! :)

Anonymous said...

What kind of craft sticks do you use for the brim?

Meggan Maravich said...

I used mini craft sticks, and I trimmed the curved ends off with wood snips. Hope this helps!