Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oh, Deer ...

I've been in the studio all morning;
just had to run back to the house to make
my sick boy some soup.
I was listening to the Who's greatest hits,
and here is the view from my window:

I thought she might have been drawn
to the bright green grass that has grown
up out of the decaying piles of trees and leaves
left behind by May's tornado,
but instead she wanted to eat bark.
Quite a large, rough, and uncomfortable 
looking sliver of bark.
On another note,
I'm participating in a craft show
this weekend!  Yay!!

I'm super excited!
The kids have been home sick all week
and I'm getting that feeling like
I'm way behind where I should be ...
so I'm headed back out to the studio to paint.

The little ones are back in school
and my big boy is snuggled up and sitting
at the bar doing homework.
 (The pic below is NOT of my big boy).

Peace & Painting


Colleen @ MuralMaker&More said...

We have a family of deer that hang out in our backyard. Ok, sometimes they come around front too ;) I absolutely love watching them - Mommy, Daddy, and 3 babies. What kills me is they're so gawky when they walk and so graceful when they run and jump.

megpiedesign said...

I know, Colleen! They can stumble right up to the fence and then leap over it so gracefully ... amazing!