Monday, February 13, 2012

Fabric Flower Hats

Fabric Flowers

On the heels of my last project
~ also known as a Craft Fail ~
(see previous post)
I've tried another new technique:

(that's new as in, New To Me)
and it was definitely NOT a Craft Fail!!!

There are two or three big reasons this
new technique was not another
Craft Fail ...

Reason Number One:
Crafty Dance Mom Girlfriend, Laura

Reason Number Two:
Crafty Dance Mom Girlfriend, Jen

Umm ... Reason Number Three ...
 the brains behind this particular creative
project ... and not pictured
per her own stern request:

Crafty Dance Instructor, Miss Sherry.

We started with the vision
in Miss Sherry's head, and this amazing
compilation of fabrics, trims, buttons, beads, and bling.
And pin backs.  And hot glue.
Lots and lots and lots and lots and LOTS
of hot glue.
I'm not even kidding about that.

I have to say, I didn't get as many pics as
I would have liked.
Mainly because I was so excited every
time we got a new flower together it became
my new favorite - but also because
every time I picked up the camera I heard a
small groan.  That could
have been the roaring of blood in my ears
from the excitement of creating all day -
I can't be sure.

Hours and hours of fun crafty business later,
we had enough unique fabric flowers
to make twenty-four hats.
Or twenty-six.  I forget.

We used cotton fabrics, upholstery fabrics,
felt, a satin fabric ~ we burned the
edges with a lighter to curl them
(photo of this would have been nice)
tulle, laces, beads, trims,
feathers, a black cotton rope fabric
(the edges did NOT burn well, btw)
antique jewelry, and even the threads
removed when we frayed the edges of the
fabrics to make these.

Oh ~ and we don't recommend
burning the edges of the fabric after
the materials have been put together ~
only before.
I'm not telling you why we recommend this,
just trust us.  ;)


Oh, what a happy baby!

He had a whole happy conversation
with the owl on this canvas!
And what a good listener the owl was!!

It was a crafty kind of girl day, for sure!
These happy girls were covered
in decoupage, bits of tissue, paint, hot glue,
feathers, and a fine sprinkling of glitter.

Creating memories is hard work!

Peek a boo, sweet baby!
Please note: he was a wonderful
and absolutely pleasant Valentines Dinner
Date the other night!
He has my heart.  What a doll!!

Lunch was super supreme nachos ~
here's a ginormous THANK YOU to my crafty
dance mom girlfriends for bringing
all the fixins for said nachos!

At one point, we actually lost our girls.

Unthinkable, I know.

But they were only lost for a moment.
And then we found them.

Inside the swagger wagon - in the third seat -
and ...

I'm thinking maybe I should have
asked my Amelia what in the world she was
introducing these girls to,
because they look rather ... serious.
Troubled, even.


I love these girls!
Next Generation Crafty Girlfriends,
in the making!!!

Peace! and Fabric Bows

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