Monday, February 13, 2012

Yellow Cheese Dip

Also known as ... Sausage Dip,
Velveeta Cheese Dip, Ro-Tel Dip ...
but my variation will get my seven-year-old's
title: Yellow Cheese Dip

This certainly qualifies as a
Super Simple Recipe!
Here's why:
Velveeta, Sausage, Ro-tel,
Green Chilis, Diced Tomatoes

Cube 2lbs of original Velveeta Cheese.
Place inside crock pot.

Brown 1lb sausage.
Pour over Velveeta cheese cubes.
 Add one can of each:
diced tomatoes, chopped green chilis,
Ro-Tel.  Stir.  Heat in crock pot on low,
stirring occasionally.

To speed up the process,
you could place the crock in the microwave
and heat on high - stirring every
three minutes until thoroughly mixed.

Forget to take pics of this heavenly
dip covering tortilla chips ~

remember that you forgot to take a pic and
then ask your hubster to please
eat some more dip so you can take the photo.

Thanks, Babe!



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