Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Heart Day!!!

~ Happy Heart Day!!! ~


This is what's waiting for me in my studio today ~
These Valentine's Day buckets just
need a little paint (and maybe some glitter)
and then I'll inadequately position all the goodies
to look not quite as *WOW* as
my Crafty Girlfriend could make them,
but at least a little bit *wow*
for my sweet kiddos.

Oh!  Also of note,
due to poor driving conditions yesterday,
the tall people that live here ...


When I used to refer to the
"tall people" who live in my house,
that would have meant Doc and me.

If I say "tall people" today,
it means Doc and my oldest, tallest son.



We have canceled
dinner reservations for this evening,
because we will be spending our
Valentine's Day in a school
gym, eating Frito Chili Pies and drinking
soda from a can.

(insert violent shudder here)

BUT!  On the upside, we will be
spending Valentine's Day with our
short(er) people ... watching
our oldest, tallest son play basketball.

Since my two oldest
(including my tallest)
sons were already in the vehicle
impatiently waiting to get to school
early enough to shoot baskets before the
bell rings, here is a pic of my
two youngest, shortest Valentines.
Sweet little boogers.
They'll probably be taller than me by
next Valentine's Day.

At least my feet reach the pedals in
my swagger wagon.  They still need me!!!

Have a Super Terrific and Wonderful
Happy Heart Day!!!

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