Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sports Angels

These started out (in my mind)
as little Love Bugs for Valentine's Day ...

but I quickly realized
(as I gazed at the many shades
of pink and red paint in my hands)
that my boys were definitely NOT
going to be crazy about my Love Bug idea.

For Valentine's Day.

So ...

They became angels instead of bugs,
and I used their favorite color
(instead of many shades of pink and red):

Start with a wooden ladybug shape,
a large mustache or wing shape cutout,
and make a halo from craft wire:

For the halo:
snip a 6" length of craft wire and wrap it
around a bale handle (or a large glue stick -
or a chubby round paintbrush handle)

Use needle nose pliers to wrap the short end
of the wire around the long end to
secure the loop.

You'll end up with something like this
pic above ^

Trim the long end to size (about 1").

I painted the body orange,
the wings a darker orange, and the faces
with a flesh tone acrylic paint.
The cheeks are blushed with pink powder
blush, and the eyes are black dip dots.
Also, I put some black dip dots
around the neckline ~ it was too boring.

Use hot glue to attach the wings
to the back of the angel's body, and use
hot glue to attach the halo behind the head ~
pressing a button magnet into the glue
while it is still hot and smooshable.

I got out the old calculator to determine what
years my kids would be graduating from
high school ~ and used that number for the
front of each angel (instead of their names).

Coat bodies and wings with Extreme Glitter Orange
and Multi-Purpose Sealer.

These will hold up artwork, sporting event notes,
and permission slips from school.

Nice and neat on the fridge!
Who needs Love Bugs when you have
Sports Angels??  LOL!!!

Peace and Sports Angels

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