Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Painted Denim

My daughter wanted a denim jacket.
When I saw one on sale, I bought it.
And then I wanted to paint it.
 Sometimes that happens.

First, I washed and dried the jacket.
I wanted to give the buttons
a little bling:

 I used E6000 to attach
my stones to the center of each button.

Then I made a sketch of my idea.
Then I made a second sketch.
And a third.
 My daughter loves hearts,
but really dislikes peace symbols,
so I knew I wanted a heart.

Then I wanted some swirls ...


but I wasn't crazy about any
of my sketches.

I decided I would just paint without
using an actual pattern.

Sometimes that happens.
Not often.
Just sometimes.


My canvas.


I mixed my base color with
DecoArt Fabric Painting Medium.


I started with my favorite brush,
and right in the center of the back shoulder
panel, I started my heart.

I painted over and over the heart
until it was the size I wanted
and I had good opaque coverage.

Then I used a paper towel to blot
the excess paint and give the heart some
texture.  This also made the paint
dry a little faster.

I mixed Shimmery Silver paint
with the fabric painting medium, and
used a liner brush to add my swirls.

I mixed some Starlite glitter
with the fabric painting medium, and
went over the largest parts of
the heart to give it some shimmer.

Then I went over the design with my
permanent black marking pen.

And added some more bling:

The most important thing is,
she LOVES it!!! 

Peace and Painted Denim

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