Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fancy Flower Hair Clips

I've gotten a couple of requests
to post a tutorial about making these flower
hair clips all the little girls are wearing:

The technique is very simple,
but please excuse the fact that my photos
come from several different projects.

I have lots of photos.
Lots and Lots of Photos.

I weeded through them and pulled these
out for this tutorial:
You will need your adhesive of choice
(I have used hot glue and E6000 - they both work)

When I first started making these, I used
 the daisies on a long plastic stem found in the
floral department of my craft store.
Now they're selling just the daisy tops:

You will also need a large acrylic gemstone
for the center of the hair accessory,
and an alligator clip to attach the flower to.

Pull the flocked plastic center of the flower
off of the plastic stem and
separate the flower layers.

I like to buy two different colored daisies
and alternate the layers:

 You want to glue each layer
to the layer beneath it - securely -
with either the hot glue or the E6000.
Just glue the centers -
you want the petals to be loosey goosey.

Attach the acrylic gemstone to the center
of the flowers with either glue.

Glue to alligator clip to the back
center of the flower.

For a more finished look,
you can glue a strip of grosgrain
ribbon to the top part of the alligator clip
before attaching it to the flower.

 And there you go!
Quick and Easy!!

Now I need to make something
super fun and crafty
to hang all these beautiful hairbows from!

Peace and Fancy Flowers

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