Friday, September 21, 2012

Hair Bow Holder

I'm not sure this really qualifies as a "craft"
but we did modify something we
purchased, and I did happen to take some pics,
so I'll post it anyway.  :D

 It all started when I told Doc that I wanted
a dressmaker-form cut from plywood,
and how soon could he do that for me?

Then we happen to be at Hobby together
(which is unusual, because I LOVE Hobby but
he does NOT love Hobby, so he
would ordinarily find somewhere, anywhere,
else to be while I'm inside the store)
and he picks up this item:

 And, assuming we are on the same page,
I say, "yes! Can you cut me one of those from
plywood?"  And he says, "This thing is half-off today.
We're buying it!" and all my dreams of
wearing safety goggles and smelling
fresh cut sawdust fade.

But I can be flexible.

So my Saturday night project involved
pilfering through my ribbon stash and hunting
down a pair of scissors and a needle and thread.
(Easy to do in my studio, not so much at home).

The alternative to making a Hair Bow Holder
was to find a Hair Bow Holder ...

which she did.

A pretty cheerful hair bow holder, too,
all things considered.  What goofs!!

I wanted the ribbons to be really long,
so we wouldn't have to make
another one of these things for a while.

I cut random LONG lengths of ribbon.
I folded one end over 1/8" and pressed with
my iron.  Then I wrapped it around
the wire frame and stitched it closed.

I repeated this until I had a ribbon
(or ribbons) on each of the
bottom sections of the wire form.

 After the silly floral-headed children
were finished modeling
the plethora of bows, flowers, and
feathers ...

We hung our new Hair Bow Holder
on the wall.  She loves it!  And I
love that I can finally fit my own comb
into my own bathroom drawer,
because it's no longer over-flowing with
flowers and fluff.  ;)

~Peace and Goofy Children~


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