Saturday, September 15, 2012

Baby Jesus Ornament

This little craft is perfect for the
classroom - even the very young could
make these if you did a little
prep work ahead of time.
 You'll need the following supplies:
A 3/4" round head button plug,
a Woodsies giant oval,
a Woodsies small oval,
a scrap of gauze
(I had mine left over from Halloween)
acrylic paint: Flesh Tone, Marigold,
Extreme Glitter Gold, Multi-Purpose Sealer,
pink powder blush, a cotton swab,
a hot glue gun, glue sticks,
a permanent marking pen, a button, 
and a ribbon scrap.

Baby Jesus ornaments make me happy!
Here are two of my earlier designs:
  Hmm.  This one must be so old
I haven't even blogged about it.
I will put this on my To-Do List.  :)
Back to this year's ornament:
  Paint the button head Flesh Tone and allow
to dry thoroughly.  Blush the cheeks
with pink powder blush and a cotton swab.
Seal with Multi-Purpose Sealer.
Paint the small oval Marigold.
When dry, brush with Extreme Glitter Gold.
 Wrap the gauze scrap around the oval.
I found that really stretching the
gauze tightly and tucking in all loose ends
works the best.  Use hot glue
to secure the end of your gauze on the
back of the oval.
 Once your painted pieces are dry,
you're ready to assemble the ornament.
Put a small amount of hot glue on
the front bottom of the halo;
press the back of the gauze wrapped
oval to the front of the halo.
Flip ornament over.
Use a dot of hot glue to attach the
ribbon for hanging to the back of the halo.
For added support, I used a button
to sandwich the ribbon between
the oval and the button.
 This is what the front of your ornament
should look like.
Add closed eyelids by drawing two
"U" shapes with the pen.

I thought the ornament still needed
a little something, so I dug
through all my supplies until I found
this holly sprig.  I think I liked it because
it looked so much like my earlier
ornament where I painted the 
swaddling clothes and I painted the
holly sprig.  Any little decoration would
do ... a star, a heart, be creative.

~ Peace and Baby Jesus Ornaments ~

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