Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Snowman Pocket Tin

 All the Christmas decorations
are 30% off at Hobby Lobby this week!!
(Or is it 40%?!?)

So I picked up a few of
these pre-painted tin pocket pails.
Pre-painted, to me, means "already
base coated and ready for the fun part!"

I used one of my patterns from
last year.  You can upload it here.
(But please, if for some reason it doesn't
work, let me know)!!  I'm learning
to upload my patterns and it's been a
rough ride.  I'm technically challenged,
you know.  (At least, now you know). 

Moving on ...
I sanded the surface of the tin
pocket to give it some "tooth".
(Paint just doesn't want to stick to
a slick surface.  It sort of floats
there and it doesn't dry evenly and
overall it's just plain unsatisfactory.
I don't like it, is what I'm saying).

So to avoid all that nonsense,
I use a sanding block to rough up
the finish a little.  You can
always go back once you've completed
your project and add a coat
of varnish if you want a shiny look.

Use tracing paper to make a pattern
of the snowman, and apply
it to the pail using transfer paper
and a stylus.

Once I had painted the snowman
head with a brush, I realized that
it would look a lot more interesting if I
used a sea sponge to apply the
base coat.  See??

Next I painted the earmuffs with
a bright lime green paint.
I LOVE a lime green and a real red
at Christmas!!  Fun colors.

Then I shaded the earmuffs and added
the head piece with a kelly green.

I used a paintbrush handle dipped in
black paint to make the eyes and the mouth.
I pounced three or four times in the
same area so that I could achieve a
rough "coal" look, as opposed to the perfect
circle dots.  I've done those too,
you just get a completely different look
for your finished project.

I painted the carrot nose with orange.
I used a damp toothbrush dipped
in white paint to lightly spatter the
surface of the tin pocket,
and I brushed on a Multi-Purpose sealer.

Once your sealer, or varnish, has
dried completely, you can take a permanent
black marking pen and outline the 
details.  I like to give my guys a little
eyebrow/attitude.  Kind of a surprised look.

Fill with tiny Christmas sprigs
or Christmas candies and give these
as gifts!  Cute and simple!!

Peace and Little Tin Pockets


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