Saturday, September 8, 2012

Paint Caddy

 My painted paint caddy:

So I bought this fun little caddy at the
craft store about a year ago:

I loved everything about it -
the size, the texture, that it's wood!!! 
I knew I would be painting on it
eventually, I just needed to decide what,
exactly, to paint.

I stored it in open view on my shelves.
I stared at it every time I entered
my studio.  I thought about it.
I pondered it.

Then, it came time to drive the
quarter mile to the entry gate and put
our phone number on it.
So that the next time there is a grass
fire on our property, we will be
easy to reach.  And just maybe the
fire department won't have to cut the lock.

I thought, should I go to the store
and buy some sticky numbers like the ones
you purchase for your mailbox??
Then I thought, Just Paint It!
It's quicker, it's easier, and for heaven's sake,
it's definitely cheaper.
 (pretend you're seeing a pic of 
the gate ... I've driven in and out on seven
different occasions and forgotten
each time to take a pic.
That's just how I roll)
So I did.
I just painted it.
I loaded my caddy with sealer,
paints, and brushes.
I drove the quarter mile up to the
entry gate, and painted the numbers.
And it was quicker, easier, and
definitely cheaper
than buying those sticky numbers.
 A few weeks later, looking at
my little wooden caddy full of brushes,
I thought, "Just Paint It!"
That's what I should paint on the 
side of the caddy!!
I used some cardboard stencils I'd
found at the store about four years ago,
and made a pattern.
(pretend you're seeing a pic
of my paper stencils.
Like I said ... that's how I roll.
It's a good thing I haven't forgotten
where I live or who my kids are
... yet ...)
 I transferred the pattern
lines to the side of the caddy using
transfer paper and a stylus.
Oh, look!! 
I remembered to take a pic.

First, I used black acrylic paint
to "shade" around the pattern lines.
I generally like to shade the
left and lower sides of each letter.

Next, I reached for the red paint.
Because I always seem to reach for the 
red paint when I paint letters.
But I changed my mind.
I chose two shades of turquoise
(my new favorite color).
First, I base coated each letter
with the lighter shade of turquoise.
Then, I used a sanding block
to rough and distress the letters and 
the shaded areas.
Then, I used the darker shade of turquoise
to paint the lower halves of each letter.
Finally, I outlined the right and
top of each letter with white acrylic paint
and my liner brush.
There it is!!
I wanted it to say "Just Paint It"
but I haven't decided how to add the
final words "just" and "it"
So for now, this is "Just It!"
And I love it!!
Peace and Finally Painting It

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