Monday, May 6, 2013

Blog Hop - Wishes

 ~ EaSy JaCkEt EmBeLLiShMeNt ~

This design idea is so easy-peasy,
it doesn't even need my dialogue! ;)

I "wish" embellishing was always
this simple! Click through the blog hop
today and check out more WISHES design ideas
from some of my fabulous artistic friends!



Anonymous said...

How totally adorable is this?! I agree, I wish all embellishing was this easy. Thank you for sharing your project. "Wishing" you a wonderful day!

-Suzann Sladcik Wilson

Anonymous said...

I love this! What a great easy way to freshen up a favorite piece of clothing. Fabulous!

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

great craft, how long did you need to leave the bleach on for?

Terry said...

Oh boy, another great idea to try! I bet this would work great on blue jeans.