Sunday, June 2, 2013

DCC Blog Hop - Fishing Bucket

~ Fishing Bucket ~

I have been trying to blog for days now.
Something is wrong with my internet.  Or maybe
it's my laptop.  I suppose I should just
admit it's user-error.
It's definitely FrUsTraTiNg!!! !!! !!!

That word could use some extra
exclamation points.  

Better late than never, I guess, here
are some step by step pics
of the big plastic bucket I painted for
my dad to put on his boat dock.

I started with a tall plastic bucket I
found at Wal-Mart.

I wanted my design centered over the logo,
 so I taped off an area with painters tape.

I used spray paint for plastic in Black,
and then I sprayed over the Black with Yellow.
I removed all the tape and transferred my design.


Transfer the main pattern lines by
sliding a piece of chaco paper underneath
your pattern.

I squeezed several shades of green onto
my palette and applied them randomly to the bucket.

Then I transferred the details
and added darker greens to shade and
lighter green to highlight.

I added some text and some Extreme Glitter!

Several coats of Mod Podge to seal my design.
I added a little bucket-topper ...
it's like a little tackle box or organizer
that fits perfectly inside the bucket.  I found
it in the fishing aisle.

It's fun.  It's functional.  It's sparkly!!

Who doesn't love sparkly fish??
~It also makes a great gift for Dad!~

Peace and Glittery Fishing Buckets

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