Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Smoothfoam(TM) Valentine's Day Hedgehog

Here's a quick and easy
Valentine's Day project ... this
would make a great centerpiece for the
classroom or the teacher's lounge!

Supplies: 8" Smoothfoam(TM) Half Ball
Acrylic Paints: Red, White, Black, Brown
Sharpie Marker, Ruler, Stylus
Tracing paper & Transfer paper
(to transfer face to body)

 Base coat the Smoothfoam(TM) Half Ball
with two coats of Red paint.

Once the paint has dried, transfer the
hedgehog's face to the body
using transfer paper and a stylus
(or the handle of a paintbrush).

 Mix the red and white paint together 1:1
and paint the hedgehog's face pink.

Use brown paint for the inside of
the ears, the nose, and the patch of hair.
 The eyes are dip dots of black paint.

Use the ruler and measure out
1.5" from the head in the center of the
half ball ... use the stylus to poke a hole
every 1.5" along the hedgehog's back.
Repeat this until you have enough holes
 for the number of suckers you need.
(I only needed twelve, but there's plenty of
room for more if necessary!)

Paint a small heart onto each hole.

Once paint has dried, use Sharpie marker
to outline all the details.  Insert
a sucker into each hole.

~ Peace and Happy Valentine's Day! ~

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