Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dance Prop - Sign

Hi! It's me! Back from the ... road, I guess!
The title of my post is Dance Prop - Sign,
because, well, it's a sign that we needed for our
Nationals number we'll be doing in
Orlando next week; but more importantly ...
I got to paint!! I painted!!
I'm. So. Happy.!!

That's enough, I don't want to be too
wordy after being silent for so long, it might
throw us all into some sort of shock.

I tried to take enough step-by-step pics
so that explanations wouldn't really be necessary
for each photo. I always use tracing paper
and make a pattern of all of my letters/words first,
then I can play with spacing.  I chose the
granny/grampa pics because our number
is titled Church Ladies and it very much fits
our dance!  I included two pics (although not very
good ones ~ sorry) at the end, that I was able
to take during rehearsal last week.


This is the sign from March, which
replaced the sign from February,
and is now being replaced with a July version.

Peace, Granny!!


~ Peace Out ~

One more photo if you've read this far;
today is my birthday.
This is the first pic I've actually been in
on purpose since my episode in December.
I mean, there's always that random
photo where I'm in the background talking
or chewing or making a bizarre facial contortion ~ 
those pics rear their ugly heads more often than
I'm completely comfortable with.
  I had lots of inflammation after
my emergency surgery, inside and out, and
I've had to change my diet and be religious about
it.  No sodas, no gluten ...I won't bore
you but it's been really tough, and requires
much longer stays in the grocery aisle reading
labels.  Which, by the way, are printed with such
unnecessarily tiny print ... and I already have
to hold the box out as far as my arm will
reach to read the label ... it's a long, long
trip to the grocery store, is what I'm saying.
I believe I'll start ordering my GF
foods online.  From the privacy of my own
home.  Where I can enlarge the print to
max x4000 and no one has to know.
Shh.  Don't tell!

 PPS  Yes, it's 1200 degrees outside
and I'm wearing my sweater.
I told you I was getting old!!

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Patti said...

Love your post! I will be 64 in a couple of weeks, but I live in Hawaii. I'm always too hot! Though I'm young for 64 I, too, have health issues. Asthma & allergies & am on a special diet, G. F. ...... So fun, yeah? One of my jobs, though is teaching art & crafts to YMCA kids. I love it & I am constantly looking for new ideas. I'm so in my element & can't wait til I am teaching as well as doing my own art full time! If you'd like to see some of my stuff go to www,
Anyway, I love your stuff & will be introducing some of it to one or the other of my classes. Take care & know that your diet will be making you feel better & more energetic. "Peace out!" : )

Patti Carol Walden