Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine's Day Goodie Jar

I love to upcycle ... here's a painted
Valentine's Day Goodie Jar ~

I don't usually skimp on chocolate,
but we've been battling snowy roads and
the dreaded flu ... somehow extra
chocolate evaded my consciousness as
I shopped for chicken soup and Be Kool strips
these past two weeks.
(I'll have plenty of time to stock up
before Valentine's Day!)

Supplies: empty jar with lid
Acrylic Paints: Red, White, Black, Yellow
Tracing paper and Transfer paper
(to transfer design to painted jar)
Masking Tape
Mod Podge (for sealing)

Use masking tape to tape off the
top and bottom of the jar ~
so you can paint a large band with
a 1:1 ratio of red and white paint.
(or use pink paint ... but I didn't have any
of that in my household stash
so I had to go all Old School and use
my paint mixing skills).

Paint the jar lid with the same color.
Use transfer paper to add the
main pattern lines to the painted strip.

Forgive me for not taking more
step-by-step photos ... perhaps my fever
was getting to me.

I painted the entire outline of the bee
with white.  Once the white paint
dried, I add the detail lines with the
transfer paper and painted
the bee black with yellow stripes.
I added tiny pink hearts to his wings.

Base coat the heart with red paint.
Once the red paint dries,
you can add the lettering with
the transfer paper and go over the
transfer lines with a thin brush
and black acrylic paint.
I also used the black paint and the
thin paintbrush to outline my
entire design ... you could use a 
Sharpie marker if you prefer.

Once everything has dried completely,
I coated the lid and the painted
surface with Mod Podge to
protect it from chipping off.  No
one likes chipped paint in their chocolate!
~ Peace and Happy Upcycled Jar Gift ~