Thursday, October 7, 2010

Skinny Scarecrows

Finally!  It took me all week to paint these guys ...
Initially I was thinking I could poke them down inside a huge pot
of yellow mums, but that would cover up the pumpkins at the
bottoms.  Hmm ... what to do?
Anyway, these are painted on jumbo paint stirrers courtesy of
the local paint store.  (Thanks, guys!)
Here's a close up of their faces:

They're so stinkin' happy!  Nobody pulled apart their Lego spaceship
or pushed their glimmer lip gloss tube to its maximum extraction length.
I wanna hang with these guys!

Here's the pumpkin faces:

I'll just leave them propped up here in the bar until I find a better
location for them.  Maybe I'll join them for a drink later!


lfort said...

These are sooooooo cute!!! I love them.

megpiedesign said...

They turned out so cute! I'm headed back to the paint store next week to see if they'll part with some more sticks!! ;)