Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Painting on Leather

It all started with a simple request
from my daughter.

"Mommy, will you paint a horse on my iPod Touch cover?"

Okay, several thoughts go through my
head at one time:

A) the cover is a year old, so
I wouldn't be "ruining" a new gift if I mess it up;

2) surely if I use a multi-purpose
sealer first, I can paint on leather;

C) why does it have to be a horse?
THAT horse?
That realistic-not-whimsical-which-is-my-style horse??

And what comes out of my mouth?

She's happy, I tell myself, that's all that matters.

I like to outline my work, I think
it helps things stand out, but I didn't 
have good luck outlining the horse.

The first time I tried, the permanent ink 
wiped right off; I sealed the piece
and tried again, then sprayed it (from far away!)
lightly with acrylic sealer.

Fingers crossed ...

My littlest one picked up the iTouch,
looked intently at the horse I'd painted,
and smiled really big and told me 
it was AWESOME!!!
(God love him!)

He gave me his iTouch cover and asked
for Woody from Toy Story III.

I felt much more comfortable painting Woody;
but I haven't outlined him yet.
He'll look much nicer with a black outline,
but I don't want to wreck him.

This same kid who thought my horse was
awesome, repeated something I'd
said under my breath when I painted Woody;
"I can't make those cheekbones stand out"

So now when someone looks at his Woody,
he'll say, "Well, the cheekbones don't stand out"
uh ... Lesson Learned!
(don't diss your own work in front of your kids)


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