Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Twelve Random Things ...

This started at Creating The Hive ...
I thought it was so much fun to read everyone's
Twelve Random Things,
and I'd love it if our little Blog Hop group
would do it, too.

So here we go ... Twelve Random Things about Me:
Well, the first thing you should know is that I have
memory loss.  So hopefully I can get twelve things about
me typed up before I forget what I'm doing here at the computer.

1.  I am obsessive-compulsive.

2. I have ADD

3.  I like to be alone.

- this isn't even a joke; I would make the perfect
Old-maid Artsy-fartsy Artistic-recluse Crazy-lady-loner
dressed in muu muus
living in a secluded one room studio apartment
rarely leaving the house
and spending all my time painting ...
 ... if I wasn't married with four kids.

4.  Oh, yeah ... I'm married, with four kids.
Ages 6, 8, 10, and 12.

5.  I met my husband on a blind date
seventeen years ago.

My girlfriend (his brother's wife) kept telling
me about her brother-in-law,
she wanted us to meet,
she thought we'd be perfect together,
yadda yadda yadda
I was just coming out of an awful relationship,
and I think I used every excuse in the book
 not to meet him.
I put her off for fourteen months ...
then, finally, I met HIM ...
and we were married five months later.
 I think she was pleased. ;)

6.   I am six weeks older than my husband,
and he tells all our kids and their friends that he married an

7.   I don't like to cook, but my kids like to eat,
so I have a few things I can make pretty well.

8.  I blog about my cooking.
Because, frankly, if I'm going to go to the trouble to spend
hours doing something I'm not crazy about,
I want a record of it Just In Case.

9.  When I cook, I have to start early in the morning,
I use every pot, pan, and measuring spoon,
and it takes all day.

Mainly because by the time I've read the recipe,
checked to make sure I have the ingredients,
pulled things out of the fridge,
realized I have to run to the store,
put in a load of laundry,
wondered why the butter is out,
looked for a drinking glass and found
the leftover lasagna in the cupboard
which should have been in the fridge,
(true story)
put away a pile of laundry,
put all the cold stuff back in the fridge,
driven 30 miles to the store,
forgotten my list in the car and walked back out to get it,
and finally returned home
unloaded the groceries, folded a load of laundry,
turned on the Roomba Robot
and remembered I'm supposed to be cooking,
it's usually time to pick up the kids from school.

10.  My husband says I'm not a good planner.
(see 9)

11.  I love my Roomba Robot - I turn it on every morning
to suck up all the furry dust bunnies that sneak
into my house overnight.

My favorite thing about the Roomba,
one of the kids had spilled a package of cough drops
and I missed a few when picking them up.
 I noticed the Roomba
- with its long spidery bristles -
was unwrapping the cough drops left behind!
I found three empty wrappers and three
bright red candy cough drops in the corner.

12.  I hate to write, but the Christmas letters I forced
myself to write for several years are 
still getting comments and requests from 
friends and neighbors ... they are sorry they were only
eleven pages long ... (see 1)

I haven't written a letter in the past three years.

Baker's Dozen: My New Year's Resolution includes
"forcing" myself to write more often.
That's where my blog comes in ...

and you might have guessed, it makes 
me crazy when I type up a post
and the spacing is off!!!

It isn't off in my draft ...
only my final posting.  Is this a Blogspot issue?
I don't know.
Is this a Blogspot-user issue?
Likely, but I don't know.


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