Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Snowman * Pail

 * Snowman Pail *

This little ornament is quick and easy
to make, with just a few supplies.

Here's what you'll need:

Really!  Just a 2" wooden pail,
and three or four jumbo craft sticks,
and some paintbrushes and acrylic paints:
light blue, white, black, orange
and a hot glue gun with glue sticks.

Those are the basics.
To add some extra detail, you'll want to use
these supplies, as well:
a scruffy toothbrush and an extra
jumbo craft stick for spattering,
a snowflake stencil for pail details, and
pink powder blush and a cotton swab
to blush the cheeks.

Base coat the pail with light blue paint.
Use the scruffy toothbrush and a craft stick
to spatter the pail with white paint.

Paint each jumbo craft stick white.
Cut the craft sticks in half,
make them varying heights such as:
2.5", 2.75", 3", and 3.25"
Blush cheeks with pink powder blush.
Eyes and mouths are dip dots of black paint.

Use a liner brush and a small amount
of orange paint to add a carrot nose to each
of your craft stick snowmen.

Notice I decided to paint a black hat onto
on of the snowmen ... just to shake things up.
Here's a pic showing how I've added
earmuffs and a stocking cap to two of the 
snowmen.  Sometimes, I just can't make up my mind!

Here's how to make the earmuffs:
I found these little holly berry embellishments
in the Christmas craft section of Hobby Lobby.

The stem is a bendable wire, so it was
super quick and easy to bend
it into an earmuff shape and attach it
to a snowman's head.

Stencil some snowflakes onto the pail,
hang with a bit of ribbon,
and ... enjoy!

*** Peace and Snowflakes ***


Dixie n Dottie said...

This is so adorable! Great job! :)

Unknown said...

Your ornaments are darling. I just started a blog and captured your button to put on mine. heygrandma3.blogspot.com

Hope to see many more of your wonderful creations.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much, ladies! I hope I'm able to carve out more time to craft in 2014! I'll be checking out both your blogs :)