Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wood Slat Scarecrow

I thought I'd share this fun scarecrow!
He's really simple to make,
and he looks great tucked into a Fall
wreath ... or make several
and turn them into a one-of-a-kind
Scarecrow Wreath!!

(Check back soon for pics of my
Scarecrow Wreath, along
with simple assembly instructions)

Gather these items to make one
Wood Slat Scarecrow:
Loew-Cornell(TM) Woodsies(TM) Wood Slat,
(sold in packages of six)
Woodsies(TM) Craft Stick,
Woodsies(TM) Jumbo Craft Stick,
hatch-mark background stamp,
acrylic paints: antique gold, antique white,
black, white, jack-o-lantern orange,
honey brown, Sparkle Glaze,
Multi-Purpose Sealer
sponge roller, 1" wash brush,
1/2" flat brush, script liner brush
brown ink pad, scrap of ribbon,
glue gun and glue sticks
pink powder blush and sponge dauber
12" length of jute for hanging,
Crop-o-Dile, hand drill, drill press, or
hubby for drilling holes
permanent black marker

 Use sponge roller to base coat
top half of wood slat antique gold;
also paint the craft stick
antique gold.

Attach hat brim with glue gun,
then base coat the bottom half of
the wood slat antique white.

Actually, what this pic shows, is
that after I painted the top halves of
the wood slats, I poured some
antique white onto my palette and rolled
the lighter color onto the bottom
halves of the wood slats.  Since it wasn't
enough contrast, I loaded my 1" wash brush with
antique white and repainted the bottom.

Ummm ... you could do this too,
or you could just skip that step.
Don't forget to paint the backs
and the sides of each slat!

Okay ... I found this background stamp
a few years ago.  It makes the absolute
"perfect" cross-hatch pattern on my
straw hats and burlap texture on my
scarecrow faces.  I love it!!

 Here's a pic of the top of the stamp.
(and the stamp pad I used)

Rub the stamp pad over the stamp,
and stamp the craft stick (hat brim) 

and the top half of the scarecrow (hat)
*and* I like to stamp the bottom half (the face)
separately.  No real reason.
Just because. 

Next, shade around the edges
of the rectangles and the top half of
the craft stick.

Dip a 1/2" wash brush into water,
then dip one corner into a small puddle of
honey brown paint.
Drag the brush back and forth
on the palette to distribute the paint
gradually ...

Secure the hat brim to the hat
with the glue gun.

Blush cheeks with sponge dauber
and pink powder blush. 

Use a stylus or the end of a paintbrush handle
to dot the eyes.

Thin black paint with water to an inky
consistency, and use the liner
brush to paint a mouth on the scarecrow.

Use the liner brush and jack-o-lantern orange
to add a triangle nose to the scarecrow.

Here's how to make the cute black crow
poking up out of the hat brim:

Paint the jumbo craft stick
black.  Don't forget to paint the sides.

Use the sanding block to
sand around the edges of the craft stick.

Then trim off the end of the craft stick.
I like to use my
 Midwest Products Hobby & Craft Easy Cutter Ultimate

Dip dot the eyes with white paint.

Add smaller black dots over the white dots.

This photo (above) shows step-by-step
how to paint the beak with antique gold
and a script liner brush.
When completely dry,
brush on a coat of Sparkle Glaze.

Secure the crow to the hat
with the glue gun.
Make two holes in the top corners
of the slat scarecrow.

Thread one end of the jute through
the hole and knot the ends.
Thread the other end of the jute through
the second hole, creating a hanger.
Tie a knot with the ribbon scrap
and attach to the crow's neck.

Use the permanent black marker
to outline the hat, hat brim, and face.
Outline the crow's beak.

Use thinned black paint
to make eyebrows and stitch marks
on the nose and mouth.

There you go!!!
Up next, I'll share some pics
and quick instructions for making
a wreath from these
Wood Slat Scarecrows!

* Peace and Scarecrows *

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