Monday, September 3, 2012


Welcome to the DCC Blog Hop!!
The topic for September is vintage

I have several vintage items awaiting
a fresh coat of paint ... I sort of collect things
like luggage, trunks, and chairs.
I can't help it.  It's a fetish of mine.
I haven't actually painted any of these items yet,
because until I know exactly what I
want to use them for, I don't want to change the
way they looked when they first called my name from
those dark, dusty corners of flea markets
and antique stores.

Anyway, this month's blog hop inspired me
to search for old ... wood.  I know.
I'm weird.  I just love old wood.  The older,
the more coats of paint showing, the better.
I actually look for chips and dings 
and rough edges - those are
my absolute favorites.
I think Doc turned four shades of purple the
first time I brought lengths of old crown
moulding home from a flea market.  His love
of antiques veers more towards the
already stripped, sanded, and refinished models.
I like my antiques rough.  Rustic.  With character.
(Sometimes, I have to remind him
that it's written somewhere in the marriage
paperwork that he should love, honor, and
tolerate my flea market finds,
regardless of their condition).

Just so you know, I turned those split and peeling
old lengths of crown moulding into hook racks -
one for wet beach towels in our little "pool house"
and several in my garage to create
my own version of a mud room.  To hold
the plethora of backpacks, knapsacks, tote bags,
overalls, and seasonal coats and jackets
that litter my life.  Did I just say litter??

 Ah, but I digress.  This month I was on
the lookout for wood.  On my first day of scavenging
all the local flea markets, my dad happened
to ask me, "what is it that you're looking for today?"
"Wood" I said, "old planks of rough, dirty wood!"

 "Well," he says, "why don't you take a look
at what I've got up there in the shed?  I saved all
the old redwood planks from the remodel a few years ago."

 Oh. My. GOSH!!!
Who could have known I need only look as far
as my parent's shed??  Who, I ask you??
I did take a look at what he had up there in the shed,
and it was wonderful!!  1" and 2" thick planks
of old (1940s), painted redwood siding in several
lengths.  "What length do you need?" asked
my wonderful father.  I'm pretty sure there
was the glow of a halo over his head that day.
"About 25"!" I say, "or thereabouts."
"I'll cut them for you, but not today."

Hm.  The glow of that halo faltered.  But not much.
Two days later I had this:

* YAY *
So. Many. Ideas!!
But first, it is football season.
Our team played their first game this weekend,
and I thought I'd make something
for those big ol' boys that live in my house.

 Something sporty.
Sportsman like. Appropriate for
sport, or to show sportsmanship.  

 So, I sanded the loosest paint chips off;
and I brushed a sealer onto the front and the
sides of the board paying extra attention to the
split corner and to the edges of the
remaining paint, to make sure I got a good
coat of sealer onto those areas.

 Next, I made a quick pattern
of the letters, and then of the team mascot.
I had to play with my pattern
placement until I found a pleasing arrangement.

... or ...

I shuffled a lot more than this,
but got so engrossed I forgot to take
more photos.

I taped my pattern in place,
and placed transfer paper
between my pattern and my wood.
Then I outlined the main pattern lines
with a stylus (or you could use a paintbrush handle).

I base coated the main pattern lines,
like the mascot shape and the lettering.
Then I shaded around the letters and sanded
the whole piece thoroughly.

Next, I added color to the bottoms of each letter
and added detail lines to the mascot.
 I sanded the surface again, to distress the
finish, and then I wiped all the dust off
with a clean rag.

I outlined all my details with a liner
brush and thinned black paint.
Then I sealed the entire piece with a
matte finish varnish.

 +++ Go Pokes!!! +++

Here's what Doc said when I held
it up across the length of the barn for
his inspection:
"Wah - ah - ah - ow!!"
(His "wow" actually had four syllables).
Then he stepped forward for a closer
look and said, "I want this for me!"

"It is for you!" I said.
hee hee HE's my biggest fan.
Peace and Vintage Wood Signs :) 

I hope you liked my spin on
crafting with vintage pieces!
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Ann Butler said...

Great project and wonderful step outs!

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

Great project. You are so talented!

Anonymous said...

Great project!

Meggan Maravich said...

Thank you, Ann and Lindsay!! :)